Audrey Danforth

  Audrey has over 25 years experience in the home improvement business.  She no longer does framing but if you need to move a wall or make some structural changes she can put you in touch with someone who does. 
She concentrates now on the things she does best. 
  Wallpaper Installation-There is great pleasure in the almost immediate gratification in the transformation of a room through the installation of various wallcoverings. From heavyweight vinyls to fine English papers, untrimmed silkscreens and everything in between, you can be assured that you will have to look hard to find her seams. That is what her clients marvel about the most. It all begins with proper prep work and that is where experience counts.
  Trim and Finish Carpentry-Crown moldings, chair rails, wainscotings and beadboard can really dress up a room and give it a finishing touch.
  Tiling-Audrey loves designing and laying out tile for floors and walls throughout a home. Tile design is limited only by imagination and sometimes space. Paying careful attention to layout, her company motto is begin with the end in sight.
  Custom Cabinet Making– From her small woodworking shop she has turned a personal hobby into a service that she offers to her clients in a small to medium sized way. If you have a need for a small custom cabinet or one to match an existing cabinet set or you want to go green, reuse, and save too, she can reface cabinets that are currently installed. No matter the size or placement she can make your cabinets look fantastic.
  Whether you know what you want, or you’ve gathered some pictures and have a few thoughts or don’t know where to start and need some assist, call for a consultation and quote. She can help you fulfill the dreams you have for your home.  Small company + small overhead=reasonable rates.